MONGEY - the best social, the orange monkey
The Orange Monkey!
The one who, unlike the others, sees, hears and speaks.
Hi, let me introduce myself. I’m the new monkey, who speaks frankly and doesn’t mince words.

MONGEY - le tre scimmiette

Some might consider me a little mischievous but, then, what monkey isn’t?

Mine is a dying breed, but I’m not giving up: I want to change the world!

I want to engage first-hand “paw” in building better relationships between my kind, founded, however, on knowledge, respect and valuing of individuals, within relational, social and professional contexts.

Wondering how?

Simple! By observing, listening to and, above all, sharing our direct experiences with another primate only, this time, using technology.

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That’s right: technology, which sometimes fascinates and sometimes scares us!

My orange friend, you've come a long way since developing opposable thumbs... You don't want to quit now, just when technology is offering us unexplored opportunities, do you?

Together, we can make a difference by taking part in a genuine social and digital revolution! We’ll turn the spotlight on truth and sincerity, because the web often becomes an illusion that has little to do with reality.

If you’re bashing your keyboard with curiosity, if you delight in new experiences, if you’re not afraid to leave old habits and comfort zones behind, if other people’s opinions and social conventions don’t hold you back and, most of all, if Orange is becoming your favourite colour, come and join me in the Mongey Universe. You’ll be able to share your experiences with other people.

What if someone is already telling the story about that time when...?

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Download the application:

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Have I piqued your interest?
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