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Monkey Pranks
Because laughing is a serious business and it’s good for your health: it creates group bonds, lowers stress levels, increases your self-esteem and extends your life. Put your creativity to work and take inspiration from these pranks in order to share smiles with the people in your life:

Example in the sphere of FRIENDSHIP:MONGEY stickers - Example 1 - sphere of FRIENDSHIP

For a friend with a sense of humour.
Leave an “exaggeratedly fake” review on the APP to make fun of your friend, in the sphere of FRIENDSHIP.
Print a sticker and leave it for them to find (in their gym bag, on their car windscreen, in their coat pocket, etc.). By this time, they’ll know they’ve been mentioned on MONGEY and their curiosity will be killing them.
You’ll have a giggle together, but then remember to “correct” your first review by leaving a second one (this time true), in which you explain that it was a joke and that the friend in question has such a great “sense of humour” (read “intelligence”) that it gave them a great laugh.
Be careful:
• not to take it too far, because jokes should be short and sweet!
• of comebacks, because those who dish it out must be prepared to take it!

Example in the sphere of LOVE:MONGEY stickers - Example 2 - sphere of LOVE

For the person you want to ask out (only you’re afraid of being knocked back).
Have you wanted to ask them for ages but can’t pluck up the courage? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, but go for it while you’re still young!
Leave a review of a first date between you and the other person in the sphere of LOVE (signed if you're feeling brave or anonymous if you're feeling shy). Describe it, taking inspiration from your imagination and sense of romance, and then sign it as an old, experienced writer would.
And now for the jewel in the crown: send a bunch of red roses to the object of your affection using the orange sticker and a well-turned phrase promising that your first date will be even better than you imagined and described it.
Be careful:
• not to send messages or flowers to someone who’s repeatedly said “no”. That’s called stalking and it’s punishable by law! (Art. 612-bis of the Italian Penal Code)
• only to send a review of the imaginary first date to a single person because, after their other half has left them because of you, the chances of you going out with this person will be close to absolute zero!

Example in the sphere of WORK:MONGEY stickers - Example 3 - sphere of WORK

For a work friend.
Go into the APP and leave a review on the work friend worthy of first prize for “employee of the year”, in the sphere of WORK.
Print a sticker and leave it anonymously for them to find on their office PC first thing in the morning. Lie shamelessly when they ask if it was you or if you saw who left it (dig deep and pull out those Hollywood acting skills!) and then start undermining their self-esteem by sowing seeds of doubt about the review they might find. Wicked? No, you’re simply building up to the big surprise: as soon as the work friend reads the beautiful words of praise you've written about them, they won't be able to help feeling moved!
Be careful:
• not to go overboard on the flattery to earn yourself a free lunch. At most, you’ll scrounge a coffee at the machine!
• not to leave reviews with blatant ulterior motives, or your boss might suss you out (e.g., saying that the lady who works in Admin., known to everyone as Fräulein Rottenmeier, is a wonderful colleague in the hope that she’ll let put that Michelin-star meal that cost you half your salary on Valentine’s Day on expenses). It’s a Tom Cruise-style mission impossible and you know it!

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