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you who, in various capacities, work in the world of communication or are simply curious about who I am. I’d like to share a quick thought with you that sums me up:

There's no escaping it: technology is changing.
And I’m proof of this.

It’s increasingly part of our lives to the point of overlapping and walking hand-in-hand with the real world, bringing about genuine changes in the way we think and feel, construct our identity and interact with others. It’s permitted great achievements but, like all tools, there’s a risk of it being used in the wrong way.

Technology in itself, though, is neither good nor evil: it depends on how it's used, don’t you think?

This is my philosophy and that of the people who “thought me up”.
I’m born, therefore, to explore the opportunities for use and development that new technologies can bring to human relationships, but with a watchful eye on ethics.
I promote technological progress combined with respectful and civil use of online communication.

I understand that you might be skeptical about this. After all, there have been other attempts before me to create apps or social networks designed to put people in touch, with varying degrees of success. Among them were those that, just like me, focused on sharing experiences, publishing opinions, reviewing or making judgements, and not only failed (almost all of them) but also came under heavy attack and criticism (all of them).

Despite their differences, all these “techno-relatiogical” experiments - i.e., in which humans relate to one another using technology (no, you won’t find this word in the Oxford dictionary) - have the same mistake as a minimum common denominator: failing to respect those same rules of civility and good manners that apply to offline life.

I, on the other hand, have learned from others’ mistakes (monkeys are sneaky, after all!) and was structured and created in such a way as to respond to the criticisms levelled at my predecessors.
The main differences between me and other apps about people:
MONGEY press office - NO Others: didn’t require registration with name and surname.
MONGEY press office - YES Mongey: to register with my community, you have to show your face!

MONGEY press office - NO Others: allowed “unchecked” anonymity.
MONGEY press office - YES Mongey: allows “controlled” anonymity (only in specific cases and for limited periods).

MONGEY press office - NO Others: none of them had a plan for “combating online violence”.
MONGEY press office - YES Mongey: promotes his “Orange Ten Commitments” and Schools Project.

MONGEY press office - NO Others: had people reviewed as though they were “restaurants or hotels”.
MONGEY press office - YES Mongey: promotes sharing of experiences (therefore not judgements but individual first-hand experiences that in no way define the individual as such but, rather, tell a story confined to a specific time and space).

MONGEY press office - NO Others: didn’t allow users to fully monitor their own accounts.
MONGEY press office - YES Mongey: notifies recipients of incoming stories.

MONGEY press office - NO Others: had no moderators.
MONGEY press office - YES Mongey: has put moderators in place within the social network.


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